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Skin Hacks For flawless Morning Skin

5 Skin Hacks For Flawless Morning Skin

Everyone wants clear, luminous skin, but achieving and maintaining a healthy glow isn't always easy. Well, relax — I'm here to help! In this video, I'll show you 5 simple, speedy, easy-to-manage hacks that'll help your skin become even more gorge as you snooze. This is how to kick-start that beauty sleep for real! But remember, like any new skincare routines, be mindful that sensitive skin can get irritated, and always spot test on your wrist first to make sure your skin doesn't develop any allergic reactions (better safe than sorry, right?!).

In today’s fast paced life, we often crumble under pressure because of situations we ourselves have created in our lives. Shoulders stiff with tension, aching muscles, frowning foreheads, stress, hypertension, blood pressure, sluggish looking skin and the never-ending trauma of premature greying and hair loss.

I feel that today’s women aspire to become perfect wives, hostesses and daughters all in one, a super woman of some sort. This super woman has time for everything and everyone except herself, and in her list of endless daily activities, her skin and hair care regime seem to figure somewhere last on the list (if they are there at all!).

Why should she give up on herself? I firmly believe that any woman, who has five to seven minutes to brush her teeth everyday, should also be able to take out five minutes a day for her skin and hair. What is also important to understand is that when we are living in a world moving towards synthetic and chemical solutions, we are ultimately endangering ourselves. Synthetic foods are fast taking over fresh vegetable soups and wholesome nutritious recipes, quick solution chemical drugs are taking over Ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies, and attractive creams and chemical packs promising eternal youth and glowing complexions are replacing home-made beauty aids which were age-old remedies. One is forced to wonder if this is the future of our coming generations.

In this article, I am going to take you on a journey through your kitchen shelves, look into those jars of lentils, cereals and spices, and rummage through your vegetables trays and fruit baskets so that the next time you can’t make it to a salon, you still know what to do. You can find your storehouse of beauty aids and products on your kitchen shelf. I dedicate this article to all those women who want to go natural for the perfect skin, but don’t know how to.

1. Cucumber

Cucumber is a natural toner and skin lightener. Cucumber water is used as a soothing astringent lotion to cleanse the skin, and is a wonderful summer soother. You can grate cucumber and massage it on your skin to fade freckles, smooth wrinkles, bleach the skin and soften your hands. Cucumber slices, cut and refrigerated, are fabulous eye soothers and can be placed on the eyes after a long day of driving. Grated cucumber and lemon juice mixed with two tsp of fuller’s earth can make a wonderful skin soother and anti-tan pack.

2. Papaya

This fruit, also known as paw-paw is known to soften and clean skin. Frozen mashed papaya applied to the skin is an excellent soother for sun burnt skin. Papaya eaten at night followed by two glasses of water is an excellent laxative and cleans the stomach. If you massage the skin with mashed papaya you will find that your skin looks clearer and lighter, as papaya has certain enzymes that help soften and cleanse the skin.

3. Potatoes

Raw potato on the skin is an excellent remedy to remove blemishes. Raw cold potato slices not only soothe the eyes but also help reduce dark circles. Because potato has high content of starch, it is an excellent skin tightner and the juice of raw potato rubbed and left on to dry skin acts as a toner. You can grate raw potato; mix with lemon juice, oatmeal, fuller’s earth and milk to make an excellent cleansing mask.

4. Sandalwood

Be it the oil or powder, this powerful natural ingredient is a winner for most skin types. It helps lighten tanned skin and gives you that glow you've always wanted. Sandalwood oil has sun protective properties and can be used before stepping out in the sun.

5. Aloevera

One of my personal favourites, this humble plant has some of the greatest rejuvenating properties for skin and hair. Its gel can be massaged safely on dead dull and tired looking skin and also into the hair scalp to prevent hair loss.It is widely used in today's skin and hair treatments.

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The best ways to reduce wrinkles are sun-protection, nutritious diet, regular exercise, a stress-free lifestyle, using anti aging creams that contain Retinol and proper sleep. Beauty starts on the inside. We can continue to spend billions annually in the search for beauty products, but if we don’t eat right – it is money tossed away. Rather than trying to reverse the effects of time, try preventing wrinkles in the first place.
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Claire McGowan
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Claire McGowan is an author, beauty journalist and Skincare columnist.

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  1. Sarah Kelly August 29, 2016 pm30 12:53

    These are great guidelines to live by! I love your infogram, a great way to capsulize this good advice. I have had trouble sleeping for some time now, and you are right, it shows on my face. 🙁 Staying healthy and looking good require work, but you are right that it’s worth it!

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  2. Wrinkle Princess August 29, 2016 pm30 09:04

    Sometimes our problems need simple answers, you don’t need to spend $$$$ on skin care products to have pretty skin, but people always think that the the more expensive the products is, the better it will be, THAT IS WRONG. Mayo clinic stated that clearly, but unfortunately, the media still broadcast ads,both media and cosmetics companies are seeking for our money,and health is the last thing they care about,this is unfortunately the truth. Please share this article, people have the right to know the truth, right?.

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    • SincprearoSen August 28, 2016 pm30 23:18

      Hi Dima, Great post. I had heard a lot about old natural secret remedies being great for the skin. I don’t smoke, I work to eat healthily and so far, I think I’m good. I don’t get a chance to eat fresh salmon since I live in the Caribbean but I do get my hands on canned tuna, salmon and sardines as a substitute. Gotta get those omega-3’s! Thanks

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